Diana Gasperoni, LCSW

Maybe it was interacting with people as a waitress in my parent’s diner as a child or being the oldest of four or something else entirely. Whatever the reason, I have been listening, observing and serving people for decades, and it has been a gift. Formally, as a licensed psychotherapist/analyst, and as a yoga teacher, I have had the honor of helping women to better understand themselves and shine as a result. The BeHER program is a way to share my tools with as many women as possible.

My dream is that through BeHER women will create a relationship with their true identity, the one that makes them light up and jump out of bed in the morning. The one that knows exactly what they need to be happy.

BeHER is a system inspired by my own journey and training and is designed to help women of all ages, races, shapes and sizes examine their personal struggles and break through limiting patterns; transitioning into new life stages, careers changes, relationship shifts etc.

After all, being authentic is not always easy. Humiliation and shame can keep us entwined in maladaptive patterns that no longer serve us, and that’s why having a support system is helpful.

We’ve got you and hope you’ll join us!



Academic Credentials:
NYU, Masters of Social Work, I yr program certificate from Center for Modern Psychoanalysis, 1 yr program Center for Group Studies, Center for Group Studies certificate program, Salem State College, BA, Psychology, long time yoga teacher and student to the great Master teachers of the past and present