This weekend I was at a party. It was great. I saw a whole bunch of people that I had not seen in a while and the host is a dear friend of mine and it was her birthday. In typical New York fashion I was having a conversation about what I am up to these days. Trust me it could be anything but for the most part for the past decade and change I have been a psychotherapist/analyst in practice. I still am of course but now there is BeHER. BeHER is more than traditional therapy

Here is what this BeHER business is all about. I have set myself on a course to support as many women as I can in their lives. It is my mission to help women (anyone really but for these purposes women) to lead a bold, unapologetic and full life. I believe that this can be done in many ways. However, for the women whose lives I hope to affect it will be through talking, understanding and emotional communication. By that I mean finding new ways to understand why you do the things you do and new ways to express yourself. The BeHER programs will help you to stop doing the things that don’t get you what you want – or at the very least understand why you keep doing them.

More importantly one of the goals is for women to see themselves in relationship with others. Women are the best supporters of other women and are currently longing for community. We have become isolated as a culture as a result of technology and the need to connect to one another is creating a longing for connection. To gather in a room and really emotionally connect to one another is the key to just about everything. 

Tuesday I will be at the S.H.E. Summit at the 92nd street Y here in NYC all day. It is a 2 day event – over 2000 women will be in attendance. That alone – 2000 women in the middle of a work week coming together to talk wellness and empowerment tells you how much we are craving community. We want to support one another and we want to help each other make change.

Change is not easy or for the most part is it very pretty. As a therapist/analyst and yoga teacher I have been in the midst of change and transition often. In the middle of it it’s gross. The other side however is amazing. I have held the hands (metaphorically) of countless women over the years, whether to help them into a headstand for the first time or to have the honor of bearing witness to their most inner personal thoughts that are holding them back.

The conversations on the first Thursday of the month are just the beginning. As my team and I work on what's next for BeHER we are gathering literature, questioning and observing to make sure when we release our next step we are bringing you a program that will work as a guide to all areas of your life.

It will be an honor to touch your life in some way that will help you to be more curious and interested. 

See you next time