Sometimes easy, sometimes not, sometimes over rated. Yes, I said overrated, if not genuine, kindness is overrated. However, Kindness is definitely something we should strive for no doubt. It can make life a wee bit easier. Kindness is contagious and attractive.

But… The first thing I think about when I think about kindness is being kind to oneself.  I believe you should be kind to yourself all the time. Wouldn’t that be amazing?  I can’t tell you the countless number of times I have heard women tell me they hate something about themselves if not simply hate themselves. Don’t get me wrong I believe that there is a place for hate in our emotional life; I am just not sold on the idea it should be turned against oneself.

Let me guess, you just thought of one thing, shook your head yes, and at least one of you thought about something you hate about yourself. Something that if you could change today it would create instant change in your life. For me it’s that space under your ass on the back of your thigh. Yup, Fuck that 4 inches of what I like to call the “second ass”. But why; What’s to hate? A quick survey in the gym locker room or the beach and I definitely know I am not alone.

Self-hate is destructive at it’s worst and at its best it is simply a mind-fuck.

So what’s up with this kind of thinking? Look, I know some of it comes from the media and all the body shaming. Think about this idea for me though, it is possible that self criticism is developed over time as a defense against a negative thought or feeling and the inability to be able to project it on to the system or person that you are actually mad at.

 One thing for sure - that 4 inches on the back of my thigh contains a lot of emotion. When I am focused on that I don’t have to think about anything else. All my negative feelings can be channeled into that area. It’s a distraction from something bigger and possibly just bigger than me right now. I need that 4 inches to direct that energy somewhere. It keeps me on a daily exercise routine, keeps me on a clean and well balanced diet and it keeps me getting much needed massages. These are just a few examples of the kind things I do. I forget all about that 4 inches in those moments, I am kind to myself and much kinder to those around me. Trust me that kindness is contagious and brings lots of joy.

Let me know what random acts of kindness you have planned for yourself today.

More soon girl