wet hair, lather, rinse, repeat


Ever take a minute to examine your routine? You get up around the same time every day, coffee, run (maybe) meditate (bigger maybe), walk the dog, shower, get dressed, go to work, actually work (sometimes) dinner, bed – repeat…

A lot of other shit happens during the day but for most of us we have created a behavioral structure to our lives. Repetition is a foundation for living, it is how you learn. Structure provides a container for the mind – without it we would be absolutely bananas.

You need to repeat to create structure – but what happens when you do shit  over and over again that actually does not serve you? In my business we call this repetition compulsion.  In other words, crap that you do unconsciously over and over even though there maybe a better way – you just cant see it yet.

Most of us say we want to grow. In order to grow we have to make enough room for change. We have to step out side of the repetition. Take writing this blog for example – I started out with gang busters, writing getting it all set up and getting it out there on time – I did that for a couple of weeks and then boom – walked right into a wall.  I fell back into my old routine. I told myself I didn’t have time (time is like jello – you just shake it up a little and everything will fit into place as it’s supposed to) I told myself I didn’t have anything to say (Ha! That’s funny we all have something to say) I had a whole host of excuses – all of which I had visited before when I was in the process of change and expansion.

I looked at the thoughts ,and then step two, I examined the feelings. What did I get out of not writing and what would I gain from writing and what did the process of growth feel like. Some times the feelings of growing can be super gross and uncomfortable until we get on the other side. When finally on the other side we have freedom.

So here it  is in a nut shell – we repeat, repeat, repeat, we learn – we then change and we want more – so we switch shampoos – and start all over again wet hair, lather rinse, repeat until it’s time to switch it up again. There is the occasional bad hair day in there – followed by a less humid – breezy – hair flowing in the wind type of day. Then we start all over again.

Today go for the blow-out and let someone else wash your hair for you

See you next week