Huggable Hangers changed my life

my new hangers!

my new hangers!

This weekend I cleaned out my closet and changed all my hangers to huggable hangers. Your first thought is probably what does my closet have to do with BeHER and the mission  -

I mean it's like me telling you what I had for lunch - who really cares what I ate - but I really wanted to explore why this simple act of changing out the hangers in my closet was so freaking satisfying.

As I mentioned being organized does not come easy to me, ask any of the members of my team. My thoughts are pretty organized and I am one of those "oh, I know where it is" girls.

So when challenged with having good friend and professional organizer Laurie Palau come to my house and run a workshop I had to do some opening up of some closets - literally and emotionally. 

 When you start to look at your physical stuff and how organized you are it may be a window into your emotional world.

For some people there is no clutter and things are hyper organized. Maybe being hyper organized is a reflection of keeping all your thoughts in place.  This mirror of being organized may be keeping your negative feelings at bay. Constantly cleaning and clearing is possibly a parallel experience of not wanting to think of and experience negative feelings. The same may be true for the mess and the clutter.  Perhaps this is a physical symbol of being overwhelmed. Emotionally hiding behind the stuff and not knowing how to get it out of your own way. 

Then there is my favorite, when everything looks super organized but you open a closet and Viola you see the mess. 

Where you hide your dirty little secrets at home or at work can be a reflection of the thoughts and feelings you just do not want to have. 

When taking steps to change which ever behavior you may be plagued with you will have to take steps to tolerate the feelings of what I like to refer to as "the in between".

The transition from one behavior into another can cause anxiety and even grief before you can experience the relief of having a clutter free space.


The anxiety is a place holder for the new feeling to emerge and the grief comes from the loss of that part of yourself that was attached to the mess.  

As I said earlier, I like a little clutter. I get as overwhelmed when things are too organized as I do when things are too messy. I like a clean house and a clean office but I have help in both of those places to keep me in order and help me keep it together.  In both of those spaces there is a junk drawer. I throw all sorts of shit in there and that little bit of chaos is comfortable to me. 

Since Laurie's visit I have installed a new system in my junk drawers that has definitely made an improvement on finding things. I even have more time on my hands.

Gaining even 5 minutes is helpful and will eventually build up to more time.

This can happen for you too.

Try it - clean things out, throw things away and see what sort of feelings come up.

Pause and notice, take a deep breath and throw out that dress you wore to the prom in 1983 (cause it is not coming back ;-)) and feel the relief of letting go of that part of yourself so your most amazing self can emerge. 

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If you think you have a severe issue with too much stuff or are obsessive about where things should be and these issues are consistently affecting your life please contact any one my team for treatment

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