Here are 4 ways to look at the year with fresh eyes:

I had a very powerful 2016 - I made lots of important changes and I grew both personally and professionally. When the end of the year came, I was just tired. So I shut down for 10 days. During those 10 days I realized that even though there was so much positive growth - I was completely ungrounded. My intention this year is to grow and stay clear at the same time.

I also took the time to examine the repetition of the chaos I created.  This is a pattern that I have - every year before the holidays, no matter what I do, I get caught in the same trap.  It is a feeling that I am very familiar with and every year I tell myself it wont happen again. So this year I am going to see if I can get to the end with a little less nonsense and both feet on the ground. 

1) Take a mental note of your historic patterns and try to identify where you would like to see the most growth. Then I want you to ask yourself what was your first experience of (blank). Example: if your financial house if a mess - ask yourself what are your first memories are of money. Was there enough? Was there too much? Was it a secret? Somewhere in that question you will (hopefully) see the very first stitch that got you to this woven pattern of how you handle money.  

2) Decide what you want your life to look like. Go Big or Go Home on this one. You can't get what you can't see. Knowing what you want is half the battle. When you ask this question, ask yourself how it relates back to number 1. They may or may not have anything in common right now but these two pieces are definitely pieces to the same puzzle. Speak what you want your life to look like OUT LOUD!! In the mirror, to your dog, to your partner, to you BFF - of course, I would be remiss if I didn't suggest you say them to your therapist! No matter how crazy you think it may sound, go on and say it out loud. 

3) Take inventory of your behaviors. We all do shit we wish we didn't and then we get up and do it again. Habits are ingrained and hard to break. Make note of the actions you take that are not serving you. Just notice them. I am not suggesting that you develop a full blown plan to break every bad habit you have. Just let the mind wonder to the behaviors that no longer serve you. It is a gentle start to change. (Which of these behaviors are going to keep you from fully actualizing #2? Just another question for you.) 

4) Finally you will have to take some kind of action. What I see in most cases is we take on way too much and by the time we get to June we are caught in the frenzy and we are spinning. So my suggestion here is you don't go it alone. Find an accountability partner. She can be a therapist, a coach, a mentor, but find someone who has like-minded intentions, gets you and is willing to listen to your crazy. The more talking you do in 2017 the more likely you are to find yourself standing on both feet at the end of the year in full bloom and your intentions becoming actions. 

Just a note - as a community we are going to be faced with new challenges this year, most of which we have not seen before. The more clear and the less chaotic we are when these challenges come up - the better prepared we will be to make the right decisions for ourselves and our families. Sit, breathe, reflect, be truthful in your intention and desires, move towards what you want, surround yourself with community, and most important be present to what you bring to the table and what is happening around you. 

Here's to a great 2017!