What would your life be like if you had more?

Let's get a little curious - what does 'more' look like?  Last week we talked about being brave, a willingness to be vulnerable and surrender yourself completely to the moment.  Bravery's lesser known sister is curiosity, she's defined by a willingness to explore and know.

At its core, to be curious means you are wanting. It could be a material thing that you want – a new dress, a car, a new computer and then you have to figure out how to get it.  Perhaps you want a big career or a family, or maybe it’s a relationship.  Whatever you are wanting; Once you think it, then you feel it, and then you have to get it.  Sound familiar?

A brave woman is ready to be curious, to face the unknown and to learn.  When we open ourselves up to curiosity, we are giving ourselves permission to explore.  The ever-present and admittedly sometimes annoying "why? why? why?" of a young child is curiosity at its purest - an unabashed desire to know and an inherent willingness to be wrong.  Have you ever observed a toddler on the ski slopes, an ice rink, or even a playground?  Their openness to failing (oftentimes without even recognizing it as failure) allows them to progress with tremendous speed.  They fall, they get up.  They fall again, they get up again.  What if we, too, were so resilient?

Ask yourself: what do you want for yourself?  As you ask yourself this question, what challenges do you come up against when you want something? Let’s think back - as a young girl, what things did you want for yourself and how did you get it if you did? In my practice, I’ve seen that with age oftentimes comes a fear of obstacles and failure, rather than an empowered willingness to work through them.

So - Let’s flip the script and get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Instead of “Can I really have that?”, let’s reframe the strategy to “How can I get that?”  Rather than “What did I do to deserve that?, consider appreciating your good fortune with gratitude instead of doubt.

Be patient and honest with yourself.  Look deeply inside to see what you are still connected to that may be standing in the way of you living a full and unapologetic life!  Be brave and be curious - we’re got this.