Individual psychotherapy

The individual relationship with a BeHER Therapist is unique and transformative. She will be your coach, your keeper of secrets and your champion from the first session. Your work with her is a place to explore all of your thoughts and feelings. She will help you to understand yourself in a new way, unlocking old patterns and guiding you through your stickiest of transitions. 

Taking care of your mental health is as important as making that yoga or bootcamp class. Anxiety, depression, addiction...the list goes on...can be crippling. Major life events: moving, changing jobs, children, midlife crisis, and more - there is no script for any of these things and it helps to have someone in your corner as you sort out all the feelings you face.

Taking this step is by far one of the best things you can do to get through to the other side of whatever obstacle you face.  

Fees are industry standard and discussed in the consultation
Out-of-network reimbursement only** 

BeHER Circles

BeHER Circles are made for women who are ready the write the next chapter of their lives but need strategies and support to leave old habits behind and take bold steps forward in their lives, careers, relationships, and more. BeHER Circles include no more than eight participants and meet in person for 90 minutes every week for eight weeks. 

At each session, a licensed, professional BeHER therapist will challenge each group member to give voice to her aspirations and talk about the things that are holding her back. Attendees are encouraged to listen to one another intently and help each woman shift her thought processes so she can move forward and grow. Through homework assignments and check-ins with the group leader, participants will have the opportunity to practice new behaviors and reflect on their progress. 

New Circles begin in March 2017.

Learn more here or call our office 646-863-0101.

**Out-of-network benefits only - We will verify your benefits prior to your consultation. Once we have a full picture of your benefits package we will let you know your co-pay.

Appointments are available weekly, bi-weekly, phone or SKYPE. On-going session times will be set at the consultation. 

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