BeHER therapy is a unique psychodynamic therapy system. It is designed to help every client see her/himself in relationship to their ever evolving identity.  Each client’s unique life experience is taken into account as client and a BeHER Therapist work through what is holding the client back from living a full and authentic life.


Anxiety, depression, addiction, worry and feeling helpless can be crippling. Having a relationship with a BeHER Therapist to navigate life events (ie. moving, changing jobs, having/wanting children, caring for aging parents and more) can be invaluable. There is no script for life and it helps to have someone in your corner as you sort out all the feelings you face.


Taking this step is by far one of the best things you can do to get through to the other side of whatever obstacle you face.


No matter what stage your relationship is in, sometimes having a 3rd party hear what you are trying to say to your partner helps clear the communication blocks that hold couples back from intimacy, connection and growth.       


A BeHER Therapist will help you and your partner to listen to each other in a new way, understand what the other is trying to say, and help you develop new ways to communicate with each other that fosters growth both individually and together.


Adolescents is a defining time in a young woman’s life. Filled with ever changing hormones and peer groups, young women are at their most vulnerable and impressionable ages during this time. Bombarded by social pressure, social media and academic pressure - more than a third of young women today suffer from depression. According to a recent Washington Post article more than one third of teenage girls will experience depression.

Anxiety, body dysmorphia, cutting, eating disorders begin mostly during this time in a young woman’s life. BeHER Adolescent psychotherapy is for any young woman who is struggling during this time in her life. Working with a BeHER Therapist is a start to better understanding her thoughts and feelings, putting them into words and finding emotional freedom from the pressures of being a teen.


BeHER Circles are made for women who are ready the write the next chapter of their lives but need strategies and support to leave old habits behind. The program is designed to personally address individual needs, desires and obstacles - from career development to forming, fostering and examining personal relationships. BeHER Circles meet in person for 90 minutes every week for eight weeks. Each circle includes no more than eight participants.


At each session, a licensed, professional BeHER therapist will challenge each group member to give voice to her aspirations and talk about the things that are holding her back. Attendees are encouraged to listen to one another intently and help each woman shift her thought processes so she can move forward and grow. Through individual work assignments and check-ins with the group leader, participants will have the opportunity to practice new behaviors and reflect on their progress.  


At the close of the eight week circle, participants will have a unique set of tools to navigate situations in a more healthy, full-bodied and authentic approach.

Registration to Circles are ongoing and new circles start regularly

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We accept out of network benefits from all major insurance companies. We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Sliding Scale is always an option. Out of pocket session rate is industry average.

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