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Senior Clinician

Jianna Heuer joined BeHER in 2014 and serves as a BeHER Senior Clinician.

At BeHER Jianna focuses on the psychology of women, especially the effect that the socio-political
atmosphere we are brought up in has on our psyches. Through the development of an in depth relationshipwith her patients, Jianna facilitates growth and empowerment that translates into concrete change. 

Jianna believes a commitment to therapy allows patients to change old patterns that are holding them back and create more meaningful relationships in their lives. Through her own work and training she has become capable of being attuned to each new patients thoughts and feelings and is able to create a unique space to allow them to explore and move forward. 

Accessible at our 171 Madison location and Rockaway, NY location, Jianna is currently accepting new

NYU School of Social Work, MSW,
Adelphi University Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI), New York
University Post-Masters Certificate in Advanced Clinical Practice
1 year program certificate from Center for Modern Psychoanalysis
University of Connecticut, BA, Psychology and English

Philadelphia Office

Melanie’s passion is working with young women who find it difficult to navigate life due to depression, negative peer and family interactions or just everyday struggles. She believes that getting the emotional support necessary to lead a full and abundant life is a strength and specializes in working with women who are reluctant to ask for help.   An avid world traveler, Melanie uses her experiences from around the globe as a foundation for her own growth as well as that of her patients.

NYU School of Social Work, MSW, Hampton University, BS, Merchandising, Fashion Institute of Technology, AAS, Patterning Making



Direct and warm, I take tremendous pride in helping my clients figure out who they are. I specialize in working with women by  helping you cope with feelings of anxiety, depression, and self-destruction. I will collaborate by offering firm yet gentle support and direction in a client-centric approach. In addition, It is my strong desire to help people of color build up self-esteem and self-worth, through facing fears and coping with what's trapping them. I will sit your deepest thoughts and pain and help you to make sense of them and move forward.

Empathic and thoughtful, I specialize in getting you unstuck and together we clear emotional pathways to growth. With a history of working with diverse populations that include family issues, acute mental health issues, anxiety, and depression. I am able to support you wholeheartedly through the ebb and flow of life.

My years of training and experience create an atmosphere in which you will feel safe and accepted. I have a passion for working with women to help them to understand and utilize all their feelings and expressiveness in ways that have laid dormant or undeveloped.

NYU School of Social Work, MSW, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, BA, Sociology and Media Studies



Noorhayati’s therapeutic style is supportive and interactive; working collaboratively with adults, couples, children and families. She tailors the treatment to each unique individual. Her approach is informed by her training in psychoanalysis and evidence based treatments.  She has several years of experience working with diverse populations and has provided numerous services such as crisis management, family issues, behavior modification, acute mental health issues, anxiety and depression. Together we will create a therapeutic environment where one can explore painful and troubling feelings, identify goals, and develop strategies for coping with difficult emotion’s and circumstances. She takes an active role in therapy sessions and works with her clients in ways that challenge them to achieve their personal goals.

Through person centered exploration and the process of identifying your needs we will collaborate to transform past painful experiences into ones that are transformative. In addition, Noorhayati helps people with difficult childhood and family experiences including trauma, domestic violence and relationship issues who are searching for emotional connection to others as well as a stronger sense of self.

NYU School of Social Work, MSW
Bradford College, BA, Political Science & Government


Emely is passionate about empowering clients to push past the internal and external
challenges they face in order to live their best lives.

As a bilingual, bicultural, Afro-Latina clinician, Emely's style is interpersonal and
compassionate. Emely uses a solutions-focused, non-judgmental approach to help her
clients process emotional pain and trauma in order to assist them in cultivating self-love
and abundance in relationships with others both personally and professionally.

Emely has worked with children, adolescents, adults and families as well as educational
administrators, teachers, and counselors. She specializes in family issues, relationship
challenges, schooling problems, behavioral modification and parent-child interaction
therapy. Emely helps people develop the emotional, mental, and spiritual strength
necessary to thrive in life and in relationships.

Accessible at our 928 Broadway location, Emely is currently accepting new appointments.

Mount Holyoke College, BA, English and Human Resources
Smith College School for Social Work, MSW
Columbia University, Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI)
New York State Permanently Certified School Social Worker 


Arianna Eisenberg, LMSW

Arianna joined BeHER in 2017.

Arianna is devoted to the progress of women. In her work, Arianna strives to validate, support and encourage her clients to recognize their goals, within a safe non-judgmental environment.

As a former artist, Arianna helps women recognize emotions and patterns that impact their lives and behaviors. Arianna has experience treating women of all ages experiencing anxiety, depression, life-change, relational dynamics as well as trauma. Working from a person-centered approach Arianna believes that the therapeutic relationship is a partnership. This partnership helps women promote self-worth, growth and change in their daily lives.

Accessible at our 171 Madison location, Arianna is currently accepting new appointments.

School Of Visual Arts, BFA, Photography,
Fordham University School of Social Service, MSW


TERESA SOLOMITA, LCSW-R, NCPsyA, MSW                                                                     
BeHER Training Facilitator

Teresa is passionate about her work with women in their late 30's who are successful in their careers and have recently broken up from a long term relationship.  She considers herself a student of life and learns through reading, research, attending conferences and providing workshops and public speaking.

Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies - Certified Psychoanalyst, The Couples Institute - Graduate and The Center for Group Studies - Advanced Student, Hunter College School of Social Work - MSW.


Shanice Shorts, MSW

Shanice joined BeHER in 2017 and serves as the Sliding Scale therapist at BeHER.

Shanice is devoted to helping women through their many adversities. Whether the adversity is trauma, loss, or difficult life transitions, she is committed to helping her clients process and critically evaluate their situations. In working with her clients, Shanice supports and empowers her clients to rise above their setbacks. 

Shanice’s therapeutic approach is intimate and collaborative. In her approach she establishes trust and accountability with her clients through validation, consistency, and positivity . She values attributes of the strength based approach that allows the client to recognize their strengths and invites them into a collaborative effort in treatment. Shanice is encouraging and exhibits patience in her response to the victories and setbacks experienced in treatment. By introducing new perspectives to her clients, Shanice firmly believes that every client is able and fully equipped to handle any circumstance they encounter.

Accessible at our 171 Madison location and 928 Broadway location, Shanice is currently accepting new appointments.

Spleman College, BA, Psychology, NYU Silver School of Social Work, MSW Candidate 

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