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Diana is the founder of BeWELL Therapy Group and the creator for the BeHER Circle, BeHER Teen Programs. Diana specializes in developing therapists clinical skills to their fullest potential and in assisting her patients to better understand themselves, allowing patients to then lead fuller and richer lives.


Diana’s passion is supporting women through painful transitions that may cause them to become stuck and to create a space for understanding their ever shifting identities. She is equally as passionate about empowering young women and created the BeHER Teen in school program as an outreach of BeWELL so that the stigma of taking care of one’s mental health is challenged at an early age and that young women have an opportunity to understand themselves in a new way.


Both a long term patient and student of modern psychoanalysis, Diana learned in her early 20’s that understanding behaviors, thoughts and feelings for some is a lifelong process. In working from this approach, she develops lasting relationships with patients, helping to clear pathways of misunderstood drives, compulsions and behaviors. Her approach with each patient is to help them to understand what they want from their lives, how they want to live and and see a clear way to get there.

Diana is committed supporting emotional growth in her patients as well as her amazing team of therapists. She works tirelessly to create a space that is safe to explore her patients deepest thoughts and a space for her team to build community and thrive.

CMPS, Center for Modern Psychoanalysis, One year program graduate, Certificate Program in process, Center for Group Studies, One year local program graduate NYU School of Social Work, MSW, Salem State College, BS, Psychology

On going student of yoga.

Philadelphia Office

Melanie’s passion is working with young women who find it difficult to navigate life due to depression, negative peer and family interactions or just everyday struggles. She believes that getting the emotional support necessary to lead a full and abundant life is a strength and specializes in working with women who are reluctant to ask for help.   An avid world traveler, Melanie uses her experiences from around the globe as a foundation for her own growth as well as that of her patients.

NYU School of Social Work, MSW, Hampton University, BS, Merchandising, Fashion Institute of Technology, AAS, Patterning Making



Ednesha Saulsbury joined BeHER in 2015 and serves as a BEHER facilitator and trainer.

Ednesha specializes in getting her client’s unstuck in order to clear emotional pathways to growth. Ednesha takes tremendous pride in helping woman figure out who they are by helping them cope with feelings of anxiety, depression, and self-destruction. Through this her client's are able to communicate effectively and feel close and secure in their relationships. Ednesha has a passion for working with women to help them to understand and utilize all their feelings and expressiveness in ways that have laid dormant or underdeveloped.

Ednesha also provides couples therapy where she helps couples communicate and relate to each other in more emotionally responsive ways, in order to improve and strengthen their union. Ednesha focuses on increasing her client's understanding of themselves, and their ability to relate to others which helps them create more meaningful, fulfilling, and sustainable relationships. Ednesha is actively supportive of non-monogamous and otherwise “alternative” forms of intimate relationships and works with partners who are exploring open relationships and polyamory. She creates an affirming, non-judgmental space for people in alternative arrangements to explore, thrive, and embrace the lives they want to lead.

Direct and warm, Ednesha takes tremendous pride in helping her clients figure out who they are. She will collaborate by offering firm yet gentle support and direction in a client-centric approach. In addition, It is her strong desire to help people of color build up self-esteem and self-worth, through facing fears and coping with what's trapping them. She will sit with your deepest thoughts and pain and help you to make sense of them and move forward. She looks forward to supporting you through the ebb and flow of life.

Ednesha feels privileged to have the opportunity to be with client's as they arrive at the birthplace of change. She is committed to helping client's feel accepted,valuable, and cherished in their relationships by equipping them with the skills needed to reach the people in their life.

“Psychotherapy cannot enable you to know what you want, but only to risk finding out” Adam Phillips

Accessible at our 928 Broadway location, Ednesha is currently accepting new appointments.

NYU Silver School of Social Work, MSW, 1 yr program certificate from Center for Modern Psychoanalysis, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, BA, Sociology and Media Studies

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Emely is passionate about empowering clients to push past the internal and external
challenges they face in order to live their best lives.

As a bilingual, bicultural, Afro-Latina clinician, Emely's style is interpersonal and
compassionate. Emely uses a solutions-focused, non-judgmental approach to help her
clients process emotional pain and trauma in order to assist them in cultivating self-love
and abundance in relationships with others both personally and professionally.

Emely has worked with children, adolescents, adults and families as well as educational
administrators, teachers, and counselors. She specializes in family issues, relationship
challenges, schooling problems, behavioral modification and parent-child interaction
therapy. Emely helps people develop the emotional, mental, and spiritual strength
necessary to thrive in life and in relationships.

Accessible at our 928 Broadway location, Emely is currently accepting new appointments.

Mount Holyoke College, BA, English and Human Resources
Smith College School for Social Work, MSW
Columbia University, Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI)
New York State Permanently Certified School Social Worker 


Arianna Eisenberg, LMSW

Arianna joined BeHER in 2017.

Arianna is devoted to the progress of women. In her work, Arianna strives to validate, support and encourage her clients to recognize their goals, within a safe non-judgmental environment.

As a former artist, Arianna helps women recognize emotions and patterns that impact their lives and behaviors. Arianna has experience treating women of all ages experiencing anxiety, depression, life-change, relational dynamics as well as trauma. Working from a person-centered approach Arianna believes that the therapeutic relationship is a partnership. This partnership helps women promote self-worth, growth and change in their daily lives.

Accessible at our 171 Madison location, Arianna is currently accepting new appointments.

School Of Visual Arts, BFA, Photography,
Fordham University School of Social Service, MSW


Jamie Genatt, LMSW

Jamie Genatt, LMSW,  joined BeWELL in 2018 and serves as a Psychotherapist.

Jamie specializes in assisting her client’s meet their needs by helping them envision a brighter future to improve their emotional well-being.

Jamie especially enjoys working with youth and young professionals to manage distress, reduce anxiety and help modify destructive and unwanted thoughts. She is able to help her clients identify their problem areas and assist them with self-discovery to improve their sense of self and foster independency and self-efficacy. Jamie strives to create a safe and nurturing environment for her clients; a space for them to work through trauma, anxiety, depression, self-destructive behaviors, and other issues.  

Personable and passionate, Jamie fulfills her childhood dreams by accepting and supporting her clients authentic and unique selves. Jamie takes a collaborative approach to assisting her clients through self-identification of issues. Jamie integrates evidenced based treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, play therapy, behavioral rehearsal, goal setting and planning, to help clients with their needs. She approaches each client interaction with the goal to improve overall functioning and help the client achieve their goals and to improve their sense of well-being.

Jamie is committed to helping her clients improve their quality of life. Jamie’s holistic approach  ensures clients feel valued, accepted and equipped to improve their own well-being.

NYU Silver School of Social Work, MSW, Phi Alpha Honor Society
The George Washington University, BA, Criminal Justice & Psychology

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Mariel joined BeWELL in 2018 and serves as a Psychotherapist.

Mariel specializes in helping clients channel their inner wisdom to make positive and desired changes in their life. Mariel takes pride in the belief that each individual is the expert of their own life and has the innate ability to change unhelpful patterns and behaviors. Through a collaborative process, clients clarify their hopes and identify helpful tools needed to overcome the challenges they are up against. Mariel approaches her work with sensitivity and curiosity that fosters a safe and productive therapeutic environment for clients.

Mariel takes great pride in providing her clients with warmth, acceptance, curiosity, and support, to create a safe and collaborative environment for productivity. Mariel's client-centered approach focuses on uncovering and identifying a clients strengths and utilizing them to disempower challenges and create lasting and effective changes.

Mariel feels profoundly privileged to share space with client's as they journey through the process of self-discovery and personal fulfillment.  

Accessible at our 171 Madison Avenue location. Mariel is currently accepting new appointments.

Columbia University School of Social Work, MSW, St. Mary's College of Maryland, BA, Art

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